Guidance on Chronic Pain Management

Pain that has persisted for longer than 6 months is termed ‘chronic pain’. At this stage, pain has usually persisted beyond the point of tissue healing and therefore more complex. Therefore, a multi-factored approach is often needed to manage your pain and improve your quality of life. 1.Medical Options It is important that thorough investigations more →

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Setting out for Success

What really makes the difference between success and failure?  The pursuit of goals, aims and aspirations we feel important to us is a prominent part of everyday life. We see, and often feel, this intent focus on goal achievement and attainment across sport, business, and our own personal endeavours. Certainly in sport, we see when athletes and teams achieve their goals, we see the impact this more →

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Well-being: Finding Your Way

Well-being: Finding Your Way of Well-being With so much out of our own hands at the moment, every day is throwing a test of some sort. Whether that be juggling home-schooling with a working day, training without any clear competition focuses, or just getting on with the day knowing the four walls of your house more →

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