The food you eat and fluid you consume throughout the day has a huge impact on your brain’s capacity to function throughout the day.

Have you experienced the 3pm slump when it feels like all your energy has just been drained away? Do you have a mega-productive hour in the morning and then get less efficient as the day goes on? What if you could be super-productive and concentrate on your work all-day long?

Simply regulating how often you eat carbohydrates, choosing higher fibre options and basing all of your meals on a protein source, you can keep your energy levels much more stable all day long, avoiding huge peaks and troughs in energy and brain focus.

also, that coffee sat next to you at your desk.. could actually be harming your productivity. Caffeine stays in your system for a long time and might be harming your sleep, particularly if you drink coffee or tea after lunch. And we all know that if you’re more sleepy, you are less productive and it is much more difficult to concentrate!

So, ditch the caffeine, up the protein and take regular breaks and you’ll double your work rate in no time!

Rose Smith, Health & Performance Nutritionist