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What is Strength Training to Improve your Health & Wellbeing?

Often when we talk about keeping fit and healthy, losing weight or reducing stress, fitness training tends to be the most common method that people turn to. Whilst this is an option, the use of strength training seems to get overlooked despite its many benefits on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Strength training requires you to develop physical foundations alongside some technical understanding of various movements, which can then unlock a huge range of full-body exercise variations and workouts.

It is likely that you will have seen content online or in gyms that unfortunately is not safe or appropriate for many people and this can confuse or even put people off strength training all together.

Thankfully, with proper coaching and guidance we can ensure that exercises are completed safely, and maximal benefits are obtained whilst you decide what works best for you.

Based off scientific understanding, relevant research, and a wide range of experience, the GCP Team have designed a practical workshop to build your strength training knowledge in the right way.

How do we do it?

The “Strength Training to Improve your Health and Wellbeing” workshop is aimed at those who are wanting to get stronger, regardless of their goal, but are currently inactive or have tried to start training but are unsure on what to do.

1-hour education and practical workshop

Educational presentation to give you the basic scientific understanding of strength training

Q&A with the Physical Performance Coaches to discuss “myths” around strength training

Rationale and practical example of a strength session warm-up

Practical example of an introductory strength session

Examples of take-away sessions using various equipment and modalities

Following the workshop, you will have developed the knowledge required for a basic understanding of the science behind strength training, its many benefits and how this can be of use in your life. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about relevant topics or information you have acquired, and we can provide our insight and dispel any myths where possible.

The practical elements of the session will allow a Physical Performance Coach to provide education on how to prepare for a session and how to structure strength training appropriately and effectively.

Finally, you will receive some example sessions using different pieces of equipment, as well as creative ideas for training at home.

Educational presentation

The “Circuit Training to Improve your Health and Wellbeing Workshop” is aimed at those who are wanting to get “fit”, regardless of their goal but are currently inactive or struggle with time commitments and are unsure of how to structure their own training regime.

1-hour education and practical workshop

Educational presentation to give you the basic scientific understanding of circuit training

Q&A with the physical performance coaches to discuss “myths” around circuit training

Practical examples

Practical example of a bodyweight circuit session

Practical example of a kettlebell circuit session

Examples of take-away sessions using various equipment and modalities

Suggested sets, reps, times and rest periods to help you design your own circuit training regime

At the end of the workshop, you will firstly have a basic understanding of the science underpinning fitness training and answers to any questions you may have about the “myths” of circuit training or any confounding information you’ve read.

Circuit training

Secondly, you will experience various examples of circuit training delivered by a Physical Performance Coach that you will be able to take-away yourself, or you will have the ability to have some freedom in designing your own circuit training programme using either bodyweight or various equipment and modalities.

Working with Alex and the team at GCP this pre-season put me in the best shape possible ahead of the new season. The programme that GCP delivered for me was exactly what I needed and I look forward to working with them again.

Danny Welbeck, Striker, Brighton & Hove Albion FC

I attended the performance psychology section with 20 other business founders and found it very useful in understanding myself and what I can do to improve my personal performance within my team. I went further to invite the GCP team into conducting the same session with my staff. Overall I wanted my team to improve their individual and team performance by understanding each other’s mindset and gain an appreciation of each other’s approach. This was well-received by all staff beyond what I or my management team could achieve. Getting an external organisation truly added value as the session was not treated as a company requirement but a more personal approach to development. I strongly recommend any business that wants to develop a high-performance team to attend this course. The preparation, delivery and execution is great.

Mitesh Patel, Managing Director, Fifosys

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