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Well-being: Finding Your Way

Well-being: Finding Your Way of Well-being With so much out of our own hands at the moment, every day is throwing a test of some sort. Whether that be juggling home-schooling with a working day, training without any clear competition focuses, or just getting on with the day knowing the four walls of your house ...read more →

Well-being: Finding Your Way2021-03-23T10:19:22+00:00

Organisational Wellbeing

A New Way to Approach Organisational Wellbeing It is quite possible that over the next 12 to 24 months there is likely to be a seismic shift in how we view our approach to well-being and the importance of our belief of how our working environment should be, both as an employee but also as ...read more →

Organisational Wellbeing2021-03-09T15:48:06+00:00

Nutrition for Recovery

Recovery is a key focus for all athletes and nutrition often plays an essential role in optimising recovery. After training and competition, your body can suffer from fuel depletion, muscle damage and dehydration. Therefore, the goal of post-training nutrition is to refuel, repair and rehydrate the body to ensure it recovers optimally to support your ...read more →

Nutrition for Recovery2021-03-02T15:23:18+00:00

GCP Train

Human performance specialist launches bespoke corporate fitness service to improve staff physical and mental health   As the government looks into ways to stem the rising tide of health problems caused by physical inactivity, a sports performance specialist has launched a service aimed at helping improve the nation’s wellbeing while boosting business performance. Game Changer Performance, ...read more →

GCP Train2021-02-11T16:57:40+00:00

Harriet Evans joins GCP

Former British Cycling manager joins Game Changer Performance to bring elite sport winning knowledge to the corporate market A former talent and development manager for British Cycling, who has worked with some of the world’s biggest global brands, has joined human performance specialist Game Changer Performance as director of corporate performance. Harriet Evans, who has ...read more →

Harriet Evans joins GCP2021-02-12T09:15:02+00:00

Finding Meaning

Finding meaning, connecting, and embracing the twists and turns of the last 12 months. Transitioning through critical life moments, whether that be entering a new year, progressing into a new job, or moving into a new house, often provides us with the feelings of a fresh start, a time to clear out less helpful habits and an ...read more →

Finding Meaning2021-02-11T16:47:02+00:00

Eat Like the Elite 

Like all of us during lockdown, athletes are having to deal with change. For most this has not been an easy task especially when it has come to nutrition.  Athletes are both deliberate with the training they undertake and the food they eat to maximise adaptations from the training, support health and wellness and optimise performance. As such, there ...read more →

Eat Like the Elite 2021-02-10T21:18:52+00:00

Desk Ergonomics

Whether working in an office or working a from home, it is important to appropriately arrange your desk to support your body during prolonged periods of sitting. The muscle and joints in your bodies are designed for movement and aches and pains will often occur as a result of immobility. Whilst taking regular breaks from your desk to walk around ...read more →

Desk Ergonomics2021-02-10T21:17:00+00:00

COVID-19 Update

We can confirm that we remain fully operational throughout this upcoming lockdown period. The staff onsite at St George’s Park are undertaking strict measures that we’ve put in place to ensure safety for players and staff at all times.

COVID-19 Update2021-02-10T21:13:11+00:00

Work for GCP in 2021

We are supporting the Kickstart scheme and are currently advertising the following opportunities: Physical Performance Support (based at St. George's Park) Sports Rehabilitation Support (based at St. George's Park) Health & Performance Consultant X 3 (based at GCP HQ) If you're aged 16-24 and are interested in a Kickstart opportunity at GCP please speak to ...read more →

Work for GCP in 20212021-02-10T21:09:38+00:00
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